Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Govardhan Parikrama (Full HD)

Govardhan Parikrama (Full HD)
Govardhan Parikrama is 23 KM road around Govardhan Hill walked by barefoot in 4 to 7 Hr. 

Roundabout of Vrindavan Parikrama

Roundabout of Vrindavan Parikrama 2012

Vrindavana Parikrama 
Hungarian Devotees in Vrindavana - India 
Vrindavan (Hindi: वृन्दावन) (alternatively spelled Vrindaban, Brindavan, Brindavana, or Brundavan) also known as Vraj (as it lies in the Braj region) is a town in the Mathura district of Uttar Pradesh, India. It is the site of an ancient forest which is the region where according to the Mahabharata, a grand Epic of Sanskrit literature dating back to the 3000BC, the deity Krishna spent his childhood days.

The town is about 10 km away from Mathura, the city of Lord Krishna's birthplace, near the Agra-Delhi highway. The town hosts hundreds of temples dedicated to the worship of Radha and Krishna and is considered sacred by a number of religious traditions such as Gaudiya Vaishnavism, Vaishnavism, and Hinduism in general. 

Vrindavan is considered to be a holy place by all traditions of Hinduism. The major tradition followed in the area is Vaisnavism, and it is a center of learning with many Vrindavan Ashrams operating. Its a center of Krishna worship and the area includes places like Govardhana and Gokul that are associated with Krishna. Many millions of bhaktas or devotees of Radha Krishna visit these places of pilgrimage every year and participate in a number of festivals that relate to the scenes from Krishna's life on Earth.